React And Tailwind CSS Portfolio Website Template For Developers




This React And Tailwind CSS Portfolio Website Template is a feature-rich template and was built as a template for a DEVELOPER’S PORTFOLIO
The template was built majorly with React and Tailwind CSS as the base of the frontend for UI/UX and also includes other packages all of which are listed below

Packages, Libraries & Frameworks

1. React
2. Bootstrap Icons
3. React Router DOM

All packages used in the production of this template are of the latest and stable versions at the time that this product was published.


Explicit User Interface and User Experience
Responsive layout
Backend API support for contact form
Customer support
Easily customizable
Dark/Light Mode

For Support

Contact the creator:


1. VS Code or any other react supported IDE.
2. Node must be installed on your system.
3. NPM must be initialized with the command npm init
4. To run the website on the local server you need to write in CLI “npm start”


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